Whitepaper - Connect 2016

The telecoms industry has a proud heritage for driving the greatest innovation in the affiliate channel.
With big budgets to spend, sophisticated customer insights and accounting for a significant slice of online revenue, telecoms affiliate programmes drive best practice that inform and educate the wider industry.

Are you receiving honest rewards for honest sales?

There is a need for transparency across the affiliate channel. It is vital that advertisers are clear on commission rates they are paying as well as how their programme is set-up. This will have an impact on the amount of commission a publisher can expect to earn from a sale.

One of the key areas where we need to see an increased amount of transparency is the reasons an advertiser may have for declining sales. It’s an issue we know a lot of publishers feel strongly about, and one the entire industry needs to tackle.

Fashion Focus

Online fashion is booming. According to Verdict £1 in every £5 is now spent online establishing a £10bn industry. The UK leads the world in online retail and clothing is no different . From high street fast fashion to luxury brands, British Fashion has never been in more demand. To coincide with our Fashion Focus event we have launched a white paper to look at the trends across the sector. 

Top ten trends in affiliate marketing for 2016

Each year we take a look at the top trends that will be driving the affiliate channel forwards. In this white paper we uncover the top ten key trends we expect to see in 2016 - from better understanding the role of smartphones as an influencing device to how internationalisation will continue to gather pace.

Ten things we learned from Black Friday 2015

2014 saw Black Friday truly cement itself as a permanent fixture in the UK calendar. Last year across 'Cyber Weekend' we broke all previous network records with affiliates driving 13.4 million clicks and generating £77m in sales revenue. So how did our performance in 2015 compare?

Black Friday: a Global Phenomenon?

A seemingly endless stream of analysis and conjecture has been generated in anticipation of what is likely to be the UK’s largest ever online shopping day: Black Friday 2015.

That the event truly arrived in 2014 is undisputed with an estimated £810m spent by British consumers. Affiliate Window witnessed an incredible spike, posting revenue in excess of £31m and in the process the network accounted for about 4% of all online expenditure.

Whether Cyber Monday, traditionally the first Monday in December, ever regains its crown as the annual peak shopping day, may be determined by what happens at the end of this week. Already some commentators are expressing doubts, claiming the event an irrelevance. Asda has gone on record stating they won’t be joining in the retail bunfight, Mothercare has also joined in the criticism of the event.

Retailers undoubtedly have a difficult time squaring the obvious consumer demand with their own reluctance to erode profit margins. Not to mention the potential harm a huge Back Friday peak could have on the logistics of the rest of Christmas trading.

Back Friday has in almost of a blink of an eye disrupted the British retail lanscape. But what of our European neighbours and those countries beyond this continent?

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