The Hidden Commission Killers

While the affiliate industry has grown considerably over the past few years, affiliates face an ongoing challenge to ensure both the sales they generate are accurately tracked as well as ensuring they are fairly rewarded for them.

There are a number of aspects that have an impact on the amount of commission that affiliates earn – the so-called hidden ‘commission killers’ in the title of this white paper. Whether this is the de-duplication rules that are set up for a programme, the lack of mobile tracking or splitting commission based on whether the customers they are referring are new or existing, there is a variety of factors that may turn a once profitable campaign into a lossmaking one.

Preparing for Black Friday 2015

Key Trends That Could Determine Success

Whilst we may be in the dying days of summer, affiliate marketing waits for no one. With that in mind, the relentless onslaught of Christmas has formed the basis of many client meetings and nothing has come to encapsulate the importance of the trading period more than Black Friday.

New vs. Existing Customer White Paper

As affiliate programmes mature so marketers shift their focus to more qualitative measurements in order to determine success.

One such metric is the split of new versus existing customers that affiliates drive, with the data proving a popular performance indicator for advertisers. While many brands have been keen to monitor this split behind the scenes, there have been some recent high profile cases whereby advertisers have reduced the commission rates offered for existing customers.

Assessing the true value of voucher codes

The affiliate channel has grown by an average of 15% year on year for the past five years,effectively doubling in that time.

It is only natural that with dramatic growth comes increasing scrutiny with advertisers keen to ascertain how they run an affiliate programme and how valuable the sales are it delivers.

One of the promotional activities that attracts the most scrutiny when assessing this value is voucher coding.There is a commonly held belief that sites built around offering deals,promotions and voucher codes are premised on the conversion and therefore add little value earlier in the sales funnel. This fuels the theory that such activity adds little 'incremental' value and merely overwrites cookies from other publishers involved at an earlier stage of the customer journey.

Christmas & Black Friday White Paper

New Consumer Trends Shaping Affiliate Marketing

Christmas 2014 for Affiliate Window will be remembered for several key statistical phenomena, never seen on the network before.

These events are part of the ongoing evolving e-commerce (and m-commerce) landscape and will in turn morph into new developments as devices change, consumers alter their purchasing habits and new technology is launched.

Trying to make sense of any trading period so soon after the event is never easy: but retrospectively taking stock and drawing both conclusions and anticipating future developments is important for campaign planning as well as for anticipating affiliate models to come.

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