Preparing for Black Friday 2015

Key Trends That Could Determine Success

Whilst we may be in the dying days of summer, affiliate marketing waits for no one. With that in mind, the relentless onslaught of Christmas has formed the basis of many client meetings and nothing has come to encapsulate the importance of the trading period more than Black Friday.

Last year we saw this break all network records with exceptional performance. Mobile was a key driver of Black Friday activity and interrogating the day's data allowed us to see how consumers were switching between devices throughout the day.

The fact that there was this switch between devices further highlights the importance of cross device tracking to truly understand customer journeys. Additionally there is a need to look at the role that each device plays as an influencer as well as the publishers that are effective at influencing sales.

Using our data from Black Friday 2014, we have put together a guide for advertisers on what to expect from Black Friday 2015 and how to make the most of this key trading period. In line with our 'democratisation of data' we also provide a report allowing you to interact with our Black Friday data from last year.

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