Whitepaper - All Aboard 2016

With global international travel growing by 3.6% in the past year to $1.4tn, according to a report by the World Tourist Organisation (WTO), the industry is proving remarkably resilient in the face of a range of challenges. 
The details of the report reveal some fascinating trends that could be transformational, such as Chinese tourists increasing their spend by 25% alone. The WTO claimed overall growth is in line with their current forecast and predicted the outlook for world travel for the rest of 2016 was positive. 
On the domestic front, while Britain’s decision to exit the European Union and the dramatic fall of the pound has had an inevitable impact upon demand for holidays abroad, inbound tourism has risen, with visitors to the UK able to get better value
for money.

In this white paper we consider how a combination of micro and macro events are influencing the growth of the travel sector across the Affiliate Window network. We take a look at how consumers are increasingly using a number of devices to research and purchase and the importance of being able to piece together these customer journeys.

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