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Webinar - Mobile commerce within the affiliate channel

The growth of mobile commerce is no longer a new phenomenon, but it is one that is still largely misunderstood in the affiliate channel.

When we first started publishing our monthly mobile tracker in 2011, just 2% of sales originated from a smartphone or tablet device combined.
Fast forward to 2015 and we now see almost four in ten sales across the network generated through both platforms.

In this webinar we will look at the devices driving these trends as well as showcasing advertisers and publishers that are effective at generating mobile sales - both through smartphones and tablets.

We’ll also be uncovering the sectors that typically over index when it comes to mobile activity. We’ll take a look at customer journeys and how they span not just multiple channels but also cross various devices.

With the launch of our exclusive cross device tracking functionality we have been able to explore whether affiliate payment models need overhauling
in order to ensure affiliates are fairly rewarded for sales they have been involved in across mobile and desktop.

This tracking has also enabled us to provide greater insights. Are customer journeys actually longer than have been perceived through the affiliate channel?
And what are the implications for click cookie periods? Smartphones typically have inferior conversion rates compared to tablet and desktop, but what role do they play as an influencing device?

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