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Webinar - The power of affiliate influence and payment on assist

Understanding the contribution of publishers is a critical challenge for any advertiser running an affiliate campaign.

At the heart of this challenge is the influence of affiliates, within the channel as well as outside of it. It is common for marketers to assume that cashback and voucher code sites are hoovering
up sales at the expense of content and price comparison.In an age when advertiser appetite for longtail engagement has never been greater,
how can we provide better solutions that address these concerns, whether real or perceived?

For the past five years Affiliate Window has been presenting path to purchase data and in 2014 we started reporting on the influence of affiliates in our user interface.
Taking this to the next logical step we've started empowering advertisers to offer 'assist' payments for early funnel affiliates who may lose out to certain affiliate types.

Join us as we'll explore how we're developing new tools and technology to both stimulate debate about how affiliates are rewarded and how this could shape future campaign planning.

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