Webinar - Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Are you a publisher keen to understand how you could benefit from the affiliate marketing industry, or would you like an overview of key industry stats and a recap of the tools at your fingertips?

In our latest webinar, Client Services Team Leader Christopher Said, Publisher Consultant Farhad Rizwan and Account Manager Ian Drayner discuss the growth of the industry, how you can find your niche, and how to set yourself up – including finding your retail partners. They will also show you how you can promote yourself through the network, with tools including opportunity marketplace, and exposure opportunities through the publisher spotlight and publisher stories series, right through to the all-important payment process, and different payment models.

Download Intro to Affiliate Marketing Guide

Webinar - 2016 Affiliate Marketing Trends

From the emerging ability of smartphones to turn traffic into sales, the success of UK brands in driving retail overseas and the looming threat of data privacy, this webinar covers ten topics for affiliate marketers to consider.

In this we address both industry threats and opportunities that publishers, agencies and advertisers should be aware of in 2016.

Download the 2016 Trends White Paper

Webinar - Pitching for Assist Payments

With the launch of our Payment on assist tool, a number of publishers have been benefitting from additional payments where they have been involved in the path to conversion.

In this webinar, our Head of Publisher Services, Edwyn McFarlane offers guidance on how to make a sound business case, what rates to ask for
and most importantly to demonstrate how long term investment in the right publishers can add value to a programme

Read our most recent article on assist payments here

Black Friday Webinar

With the dust having settled on the key Black Friday trading period, we take a look back at the performance across the network.

In this we look at year on year performance and the devices driving this growth

We also take a look at performance across other territories to understand where Black Friday has become a key event.

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Webinar - Cross Device Tracking

Have you ever wondered what’s behind Affiliate Window’s cross-device tracking and why it’s so critical in future proofing the affiliate channel?

Country manager, Anthony Clements addresses these issues in our latest webinar on cross device tracking.

Cross-device is the network’s flagship technology project for 2015 and almost 100 advertisers are now taking advantage of affiliates’ abilities to influence sales across devices.

In this webinar, Anthony assesses the different cross-device models and why we chose the one we did. He also presents some headline insights from our work so far.

Download the Cross Device Tracking Webinar Guide

Webinar - How Publishers are Influencing Sales Beyond the Last Click

This month’s webinar recaps our recent presentation at the IAB’s Online Performance Marketing Seminar in which the network looked at how we need to start measuring beyond the standard last click CPA model.

Complete with case studies, the presentation will showcase some innovative ways that advertisers are choosing to work with their affiliates.

Following this presentation, we’ll also demonstrate some of the new vertical benchmarking reports that have been created, now available to everyone via our business intelligence tool.

These reports have a direct benefit for advertisers, affiliates and agencies and represent a new approach to how information is shared within the industry.

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