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Unlocking the data behind Black Friday 2014

Last year Affiliate Window’s publishers recorded one million sales in the UK over the four day pre-Christmas peak trading period, bookended by Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

With affiliates driving 13.4 million clicks and £77m in sales revenue across 1,400 advertisers across this crucial retail weekend, we have high hopes that this year’s event will smash all-comers. With this in mind, getting Black Friday right will be critical to the success or otherwise of our advertisers’ performance this Christmas.

With this in mind, we have produced a report to allow you to unlock our 2014 data for the first time. In this we look at the sales distribution by region to see how each device performed throughout the day. Use the filters in this report to view the performance of various sectors broken down by hour.

Understand how the share of sales through each device shifted throughout the day. For example we saw the greatest share of sales through smartphones take place in the morning while there was a clear increase in tablet activity in the evening.

Black Friday 2014

Additionally it is possible to analyse performance metrics across affiliate promotional types to see how this varies. For example, how does the share of sales by promotional type vary by sector and device? Are customers spending more through cashback sites through smartphones or tablets? Also how does this vary by location?

black friday 2014

With Black Friday 2015 set to be even bigger than last year, this report can be used to better understand the trends from last year to assist with campaign planning.

In addition to this report we recently released a whitepaper that analyses our findings from Black Friday 2014 with predictions for this November. You can download the guide here.


Please note – in order to view this report you will first need to download a free version of Tableau Reader

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