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Understanding purchasing trends by location

Over the past few weeks we have been sharing various data insights using our business intelligence tool, Tableau. Previously we have focussed on looking at activity by publisher type and customer journeys within the channel. For the third edition of our data sharing series we look at location based data.

By capturing a number of additional data points, it has been possible to take a snapshot of a day’s worth of transaction data to see how this varies based on location. It is possible to see the split of sales by device as well as understanding the publisher types that are most effective by each location.

For example it is possible to see how sales generated in London compare to those in Manchester. The chart below indicates that 58.3% of sales from London originated from a desktop vs. 19.75% through a smartphone. Also 29.2% of all transactions in London were generated by cashback sites.

purchasing patterns UK

Compare this to Manchester and we see that a higher proportion (63.5%) of sales originate from a desktop whereas just 13% of sales are through a smartphone. Those shopping in Manchester are also slightly more likely to use a cashback site with 32.5% of sales delivered by cashback sites.

devicetypemanchester TB3

For each region it has been possible to take a more granular look at the data. Switching attention back to London it is possible to see the breakdown of activity by publisher type for a particular device. The charts below consider the share of sales by publisher type driven by smartphones as well as the average order values by each promotional type through the device.

breakdown of publisher type

Despite cashback being the biggest driver of sales for London (29.2%), they only have a 15% share of sales through smartphone. Voucher code sites seem to be more suited to mobile transactions with a 26.5% share of all transactions through smartphones. As the chart below shows, customers purchasing through cashback sites are more likely spend more per purchase though.

aov by device

For the first time it has been possible to share this data with you. You can use the interactive map to select the location and are able to filter this data to look at certain sectors. See how this data changes by the device that is selected and the impact this has on AOV and the share of sales by promotional type.

While this data showcases this data across the network and by sector, if you are interested to see how this compares to your programme, please get in touch with your account contact.

If you are interested in finding out how this data compares to an individual programme or by device, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Please note – in order to view this report you will first need to download a free version of Tableau Reader

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