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Monthly Mobile Stats

For a number of years we have been publishing our monthly mobile trend data. In this time we have seen the share of mobile traffic and sales increase significantly.

As we continue our mission to democratise our data for the very first time we have made the device data across the network publicly available for all.

Unlocking the data behind Black Friday 2014

Last year Affiliate Window’s publishers recorded one million sales in the UK over the four day pre-Christmas peak trading period, bookended by Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

With affiliates driving 13.4 million clicks and £77m in sales revenue across 1,400 advertisers across this crucial retail weekend, we have high hopes that this year’s event will smash all-comers. With this in mind, getting Black Friday right will be critical to the success or otherwise of our advertisers’ performance this Christmas.

Understanding Publisher Performance by Promotional Type

Performance statistics have always been an essential part of an affiliate network’s offering; as an industry premised on payment for sales, understanding conversions, earnings and ROI is imperative.

When affiliates search for programmes to promote, a number of metrics might be considered in order to determine the effort and scope of that promotion. While the commission rate will play a major part, additional factors such as conversion rates or average order values will come into play. Additionally when advertisers are assessing performance across their affiliate base they look at how successful they are at converting their visitors and the basket sizes they are driving.

Understanding customer journeys within the affiliate channel

Customer journeys are becoming increasingly complex, spanning not only multiple channels but also a number of devices. It is important for advertisers to understand these journeys and how, where and when visitors have arrived at their sites. While we are making strides in terms of understanding cross channel, cross device journeys, there is still significant work to do. Within the affiliate channel we have recently started sharing data insights derived from our exclusive cross-device tracking to help advertisers understand how consumers are interacting with different affiliate sites.

AWIN Strategy Team
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