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Health & Beauty Sector Insights

The overall Health and Beauty sector comprises of several sectors that are each industries in their own right, including Cosmetics & Beauty products, Nutrition products, Weight Loss plans and pharmacy products. On average women in the UK spend over £2,000 a year on beauty products with highest average annual spend seen in the 45-54 age bracket at £2,238 a year (Statista 2016). However whilst the sector is driven primarily by female shoppers, men are increasing their spend frequency with 33% spending in the Health and Beauty sector at least once a month (Verdict Retail 2015).

Fashion Sector Insights


Performance in the online fashion sector has rocketed in the past few years, with sales estimated to grow 41% between 2015 and 2017. The fashion sector is characterised by constant evolution as trends and online shopping experiences are increasingly tailored to a savvier online customer base. It’s also a sector that is largely multichannel with a Google report showing shoppers use on average 2.9 sites with 11.4 total visits before purchasing clothes. The fashion sector has also readily adopted mobile as a transaction device than wider retail, with mobile sales up 16% on retail in general (IMRG 2015).

Mother's Day Gifting Sector Insights


With origins going back to the 1600’s in the UK, Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day is now a global event celebrated across the world, and one that is a permanent fixture in most advertisers’ online marketing calendars. Last year we published insights around the Online Florist sector, comparing Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day shopping habits, showing Mother’s Day flowers were purchased 3-5 days in advance, whereas Valentine’s encouraged more last minute purchases.

The Airport Parking Sector


The Airport Parking sector drives a high volume of business each year, with the current UK value at £0.7 billion (Report Linker 2016). Tied closely to the overall travel vertical, the demand for airport parking has increased over the past few years, with Manchester, Bristol, London Heathrow and Gatwick airports all seeing a record number of travellers in 2015. A search traffic report analysing airport parking keyword searches from 2012 – 2014 mirrored this (Inside Online), with customers searching for airport parking on the rise.

The Jewellery Sector


The UK Jewellery sector was valued at £5 billion last year, comprising of real jewellery, watches and costume jewellery (Keynote 2014). Globally the jewellery industry has struggled over the past five years, with declines in the price of gold and diamonds against the dollar, reducing margins for producers and lowering the overall cost of jewellery.

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