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The Cycling Sector


The UK cycling sector has gone from strength to strength in the past five years, with increasing demand across the country. According to figures from the ONS cited in the Guardian, the UK sale of bicycles grew from £35m to £60m from 2013 to 2014 alone.

The Foreign Exchange and Money Transfers Sector


Historically the Foreign Exchange sector has been characterised by major banks and a few money transfer companies, owning a majority share. However following on from the 2008 financial crisis and drops in consumer confidence, we’ve seen a shift in this sector, with several tech start-ups and smaller firms taking a slice of the market. In particular, we’ve seen mobile play a proprietary role in stimulating this growth, with mobile-to-mobile money transfers on the rise, and an estimated 100 million users worldwide according to the BBC.   

The Online Florist Market


The UK Flower industry is characterised by high competition with 15,000 online florists now active according to The British Florist Association. From an affiliate perspective the sector has seen consistent growth over the past few years, with highest sales figures recorded in seasonal peaks around Valentine’s, Mother’s Day and typically the lead up to Christmas.

The UK Cottages Market


The UK Cottages Online market follows similar trends to the overall travel industry with strong performance in Q1, peaking in January with a further smaller peak around June/ July.  The Cottage sector has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, and as a network we have seen 25% annual growth in revenue from 2013 to 2014 and a 23% increase in bookings for the same period.

The Travel Sector


The UK Travel Sector has enjoyed excellent growth in Q2 2015 at the third highest rate the industry has seen in six years according to the latest IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Index. This is coupled with Barclaycard spend reports showing travel expenditure was up 8.4% for Q2 against 2014, with hotels growing by 6.9% and flights improving 4.1% for the same period. Travellers are also staying for longer with stays rising by 10.8% for January to March 2015 versus last year and on holiday expenditure increasing to £6.8 billion according to the ONS.

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