Electronics and Entertainment Sector Insights

With Black Friday fast approaching (25th November) it is an appropriate time to look at one of the sectors that performs exceptionally well on this day, Electronics and Entertainment. Tech Radar reports that Black Friday 2016 is going to be the biggest day of spending of all time and predicts the Electronics sector to be a big winner once again.

 In this report we take a look at some of the subsectors that make up the overall electronics and entertainment sector. This includes accessories, music and dvd’s and computer games.

The data for the overall sector is taken from 125 active advertisers within the sector. On average we see 74,000 clicks each day and it has 3,532 sale active affiliates operating within it.

Looking at the data for 2016 it is evident that the sales peak so far came in January with 14% of total sales across the sector. We’d expect this to change in the run up to Christmas. Last year sales peaked in December with 18% of all sales in 2015 being generated then.

EPC for the sector currently stands at £0.15 and has a strong conversion rate of 5% and an average commission value of £2.93.

38.55% of traffic is through a mobile device (20.32% smartphone) while 35.71% of transactions are mobile (17.65% smartphone).

Content sites drive the majority of traffic within the sector (35.18%) while cashback sites are the biggest driver of transaction (29.16%)

The following Tableau Public report is an interactive report with our sector data. Play around with the filters in the report below to see how the data changes by sub sector and look at various metrics such as transactions, traffic, AOV and commission.


AWIN Strategy Team
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