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The UK ticketing and attractions sector has seen strong growth this year, with inbound tourism from overseas up 8% for January – March versus 2015 (Travel Daily Media 2016), which is ahead of VisitBritain’s prediction of a 3.8% annual rise from last year. With tourism on the rise, London claims the top spot for all events not just in the UK but also in Europe, including both consumer and corporate events (Eventbrite 2016).

2016 has so far been a bumper year for sporting events with the Euro 2016, Rio Olympics and Six Nations Rugby all spanning February to August 2016. Whilst affecting predominantly outbound events, it is interesting to see how sectors perform seasonally by comparison and how events can drive performance for relating sectors such as travel. Ahead of the Russia vs. England Euro 2016 game, Marseille flights saw a 439% increase in internet searches (Sojern 2016). Focusing on just ticketing and tourism & attractions, we’ve compared January to August 2016 click and transaction shares by month in the below graphic against the Hotel & accommodation sector.

Whilst not completely indicative of synergy bookings, we can see there are several months so far this year where hotel booking shares are similar in percentage volume to tickets and tourism & attractions. In particular it’s interesting to see that all three sectors witness a dip in bookings and traffic around June, and that proportionately tickets and hotels are more closely aligned in volume percentage share in January whereas tourism & attractions follow the trend of hotels from June onward.

The following chart shows the percentage share of bookings and clicks for each sector across this year to date to view seasonality rather than a share of the total combining each sector.

2016 seasonality and synergy of ticketing sector and hotels uk


For 2016 year to date the Attractions sector sees an EPC of £0.24 with traffic converting at a rate of 3.22% on average. The sector has seen nearly 350 sale active affiliates this year, driving 15,552 clicks per day.

Attractions have seen peak bookings in May this year accounting for 17% of total year to date sales, whilst traffic has so far peaked in August accounting for 16% of year to date clicks. The AOV for the sector currently stands at £144.35 and affiliates can earn on average £7.41 per booking.

We have seen mobile devices drive over 60% of total traffic with smartphones accounting for 36% of clicks. Mobile devices also convert nearly 50% of all transactions with smartphones converting 23% of sales. Discount code sites have a majority share of bookings, followed by content and cashback sites who claim 17% and 18% of sales respectively.

Group Buying

Focusing on the Group Buying sector, we have seen an average of 46,780 from 359 sale active affiliates for 2016 year to date. The sector sees an AOV of £24.30, with affiliates earning on average £2.60 per sale. The conversion rate is lower than attractions at 1.95% with an EPC of £0.05.

The Group Buying vertical is very much a mobile led sector, with mobile devices driving 73% of traffic (35% from smartphones), and 57% of bookings (smartphone 31%). We saw peak sales in January this year accounting for 19% of year to date sales. On a publisher type level, we see discount code sites convert the highest proportion of transactions at 29% followed closely by content sites at 23%.


The theatre sector although smaller than other ticketing subsector sees strong performance metrics with an average conversion rate of 3.31% and an average commission of £7.57 per booking. The sector consists of 140 sale active affiliates seeing nearly 3,000 clicks each day, with a high average EPC of £0.25.

March saw peak transactions this year, converting 16% of bookings. The overall AOV this year is £135.46, with peak AOV seen in May at £142.39. Interestingly 2016 year to date AOV is highest on tablet devices at £140.92.

Mobile accounts for 43% of traffic and 37% of bookings, with smartphones converting 23% of sales. Discount code sites drive 32% of total traffic, followed by PPC and Content sites both accounting for 19% of clicks. Cashback sites however claim the highest percentage of bookings with 33% of the total share.


The ticketing sector saw peak performance in February this year with 19% of sales. For year to date we’ve seen over 400 sale active affiliates driving on average 52,452 clicks per day. The sector sees an average conversion rate of 2.54% and an EPC of £0.06, with an AOV of £102.66, which equals an average commission for affiliates of £2.39 per sale.

Across the sector we’ve seen 55% of total traffic from mobile devices this year, with smartphones accounting for 29%. 39% of total bookings are converted by mobile devices, with 22% coming from smartphones alone. Content sites account for a majority of transactions with a 44% share, with price comparison driving 16% and cashback sites 15%. Discount code sites take a 9% share of total bookings for 2016 year to date.


Lastly the tourism sector, comprising of restaurants, ski breaks and excursions sees an AOV of £192.54 earning affiliates £12.79 on average. The sector consists of 142 sale active affiliates driving on average over 2,700 clicks per day. The EPC is strong for the tourism sector at £0.30, and conversion rate is at 2.31%.

We’ve seen transactions grow in percentage throughout 2016 year to date, with August so far seeing peak performance, driving 16% of this year’s bookings so far. Tourism, similar to the wider travel sector still sees strong performance from desktop with mobile devices accounting for 52% of traffic and just 29% of bookings.

On a publisher type level we see cashback sites convert the majority of bookings with a 28% share, closely followed by content sites claiming a 26% share. Discount code sites covert 20% and PPC accounts for 12%.

The following Tableau Public report is an interactive report with our sector data. Play around with the filters in the report below to see how the data changes by sub sector and look at various metrics such as transactions, traffic, AOV and commission.

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