Father's Day Sector Insights

In this report we’ve taken a look at the typical online sectors purchased in prior to Father’s Day, this year held on Sunday 19th June. Father’s Day is typically smaller than Mother’s Day, especially for online purchases, with consumers choosing clothing products (36%) as the most popular gift, 15% choosing alcoholic beverages and 12% experience days according to a 2015 Hermes survey (Retail Week). Father’s Day is on the rise though, with a 3% increase in 2015, raising participation in the event to 57% in the UK, compared to 65% for Mother’s Day (Forbes 2015). Customers also spend more online for Father’s Day than they do in store, up by nearly £6, according to Mintel research conducted two years ago (The Drum 2015).

For this interactive Tableau Public report, we’ve included various sectors across the Affiliate Window network including Menswear, Alcoholic Beverages, and Experience Days and Entertainment products. Whilst this data set encompasses a wide range of data by month from 2013 onward, we’ve added the ability to filter by month to view trends specifically around June when Father’s Day occurs each year, and to view a year on year comparison.

Looking at June 2015 data across the sectors we saw an average conversion rate of 3.9% taken from across 162 sale active advertisers. On average there were nearly 122,000 clicks per day for the same period driven from 1,037 sale active publishers. 34% of total traffic came from content sites, with discount code sites converting the highest number of sales at 28%, closely followed by cashback sites at 25%.

Continuing our focus on June 2015 data, and splitting performance by the various subsectors we can see how each compare across core performance metrics. The highest EPC was seen in Experiences at £0.38, proving one of the most lucrative sub sectors for affiliates to promote ahead of Father’s Day with an average commission of £9.57. The highest conversion rate was witnessed in Wines, Spirits & Tobacco products at 6.21%, with an AOV of £107.38. The greatest AOV was seen in the electricals sector at £209.90, which will be inflated to a degree by large non-gift items purchased all year round. In spite of a fairly low EPC at £0.17, Books & Subscriptions hold a strong average commission at £4.99 per order, likely with a strong focus on incentivising new customer subscriptions.

Looking at device level stats in the same period across all sub sectors, we saw 33% of total traffic from mobile devices, with smartphones driving a 17% majority of mobile traffic. When it comes to orders smartphones also account for 17% of total sales, with an AOV of £69.44 compared to £108.91 on desktop devices. Looking at 2015 as a whole, smartphone AOVs were much closer to desktop with £84.65 and £114.79 respectively.

The following Tableau Public report is an interactive report with our sector data. Play around with the filters in the report below to see how the data changes by sub sector and look at various metrics such as transactions and AOV. Please refer to the 'User Guide' tab for more information on how to use this report.

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