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The overall Health and Beauty sector comprises of several sectors that are each industries in their own right, including Cosmetics & Beauty products, Nutrition products, Weight Loss plans and pharmacy products. On average women in the UK spend over £2,000 a year on beauty products with highest average annual spend seen in the 45-54 age bracket at £2,238 a year (Statista 2016). However whilst the sector is driven primarily by female shoppers, men are increasing their spend frequency with 33% spending in the Health and Beauty sector at least once a month (Verdict Retail 2015).

Having previously looked at Mother’s Day and Fashion sector trends, we’ve now addressed advertisers’ data across the Health & Beauty sector, including beauty, health, nutrition, optical pharmacy and weight management categories. 

Looking at device specific metrics for Health and Beauty we’ve seen strong growth in mobile sales up from 21% in 2013 to 38% this year. Focusing on smartphones we’ve also seen sales from this device type overtake tablets, as smartphones continue to become a more popular device for online consumers. 

Looking across the entire beauty sector, we’ve seen on average 123,000 clicks from publishers a day, driven from a base of over 5,150 sale active affiliates and nearly 200 advertisers. For 2016 year to date (April), we’ve seen the highest conversion rate in the health sector converting at 9.3% also with the highest EPC of £0.44 for every click. The optical sector has witnessed the highest AOV of £79.83, whilst Weight management has seen the highest average commission of £6 in spite of a fairly low conversion rate of 2.46%.

We saw highest traffic volumes from social content (23%) and content sites (22%) in 2016, with discount code sites driving 21% of total traffic. Discount code sites held the highest number of transactions with a 34% share, followed by cashback driving 28% of transactions. Retargeting publishers had the strongest AOV for 2016 year to date at £53.36, compared to the overall health and beauty average of £47.03 for the same period. 

The following Tableau Public report is an interactive report with our sector data. Play around with the filters in the report below to see how the data changes by sub sector and look at various metrics such as transactions and AOV. Please refer to the 'User Guide' tab for more information on how to use this report.

Finally, we’ve put together some niche sites to consider for the sector:

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