Mother's Day Gifting Sector Insights


With origins going back to the 1600’s in the UK, Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day is now a global event celebrated across the world, and one that is a permanent fixture in most advertisers’ online marketing calendars. Last year we published insights around the Online Florist sector, comparing Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day shopping habits, showing Mother’s Day flowers were purchased 3-5 days in advance, whereas Valentine’s encouraged more last minute purchases.

Increasingly in the past few years, the build up to Mother’s Day has also been a mobile event, with shoppers turning to smartphones and tablets for last minute purchases. A report by Bing published in March 2016 showed that 60% of searches in the last few days before Mother’s Day were made on mobile devices, with women leading the way with 67% of these searches. Looking at our own data in the Mother’s Day Gifting Sector report below we’ve also seen mobile play a greater role in both traffic and sales. Comparing 2016 to just last year, 54% of all traffic came from mobile devices, versus 47% in 2015. This year mobile sales accounted for 41% of total sales compared to 37% in 2015.

In the report below we’ve added advertisers from a variety of sectors that form typical online Mother’s Day purchases such as Gifts, Fragrance, Spa & Experience, Jewellery and Beauty products. Focusing on 2016 year to date data, we saw the highest conversion rate with the Flowers sectors, which converted at 12.01% on average. As we might expect Jewellery saw the highest AOV with £97.77, however this was closely followed by Spas & Experiences with an AOV of £93.01. Spas & Experiences also offers a high earning potential for affiliates with an average commission of £9.27 per sale.

Across all Mother’s Day sub sectors over the past few years data there are around 5,244 sale active affiliates, and we see an average of nearly 214,000 clicks each day from affiliates representing 270 advertisers.

In 2016 discount code sites form the majority of transactions with 35% of total sales, with cashback in second place with 29% of sales. Editorial content sites also have a healthy share with 13% of total sales, with an AOV of £42.10.

For the first time you are now able to interact with our sector data. Play around with the filters in the report below to see how the data changes by seb sector and look at various metrics such as transactions and AOV. Please refer to the 'User Guide' tab for more information on how to use this report.

 We’ve also put together some niche sites to consider for the sector:

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