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Fashion Sector Insights


Performance in the online fashion sector has rocketed in the past few years, with sales estimated to grow 41% between 2015 and 2017. The fashion sector is characterised by constant evolution as trends and online shopping experiences are increasingly tailored to a savvier online customer base. It’s also a sector that is largely multichannel with a Google report showing shoppers use on average 2.9 sites with 11.4 total visits before purchasing clothes. The fashion sector has also readily adopted mobile as a transaction device than wider retail, with mobile sales up 16% on retail in general (IMRG 2015).

Father's Day Sector Insights

In this report we’ve taken a look at the typical online sectors purchased in prior to Father’s Day, this year held on Sunday 19th June. Father’s Day is typically smaller than Mother’s Day, especially for online purchases, with consumers choosing clothing products (36%) as the most popular gift, 15% choosing alcoholic beverages and 12% experience days according to a 2015 Hermes survey (Retail Week). Father’s Day is on the rise though, with a 3% increase in 2015, raising participation in the event to 57% in the UK, compared to 65% for Mother’s Day (Forbes 2015). Customers also spend more online for Father’s Day than they do in store, up by nearly £6, according to Mintel research conducted two years ago (The Drum 2015).

Health & Beauty Sector Insights

The overall Health and Beauty sector comprises of several sectors that are each industries in their own right, including Cosmetics & Beauty products, Nutrition products, Weight Loss plans and pharmacy products. On average women in the UK spend over £2,000 a year on beauty products with highest average annual spend seen in the 45-54 age bracket at £2,238 a year (Statista 2016). However whilst the sector is driven primarily by female shoppers, men are increasing their spend frequency with 33% spending in the Health and Beauty sector at least once a month (Verdict Retail 2015).

Ticketing and Attractions Sector Insights


The UK ticketing and attractions sector has seen strong growth this year, with inbound tourism from overseas up 8% for January – March versus 2015 (Travel Daily Media 2016), which is ahead of VisitBritain’s prediction of a 3.8% annual rise from last year. With tourism on the rise, London claims the top spot for all events not just in the UK but also in Europe, including both consumer and corporate events (Eventbrite 2016).

2016 has so far been a bumper year for sporting events with the Euro 2016, Rio Olympics and Six Nations Rugby all spanning February to August 2016. Whilst affecting predominantly outbound events, it is interesting to see how sectors perform seasonally by comparison and how events can drive performance for relating sectors such as travel. Ahead of the Russia vs. England Euro 2016 game, Marseille flights saw a 439% increase in internet searches (Sojern 2016). Focusing on just ticketing and tourism & attractions, we’ve compared January to August 2016 click and transaction shares by month in the below graphic against the Hotel & accommodation sector.

Travel Sector Insights

Introduction and Sector Overview

Like other sectors the travel industry was dominated by speculation about the effect of the EU Referendum in the run up to the vote in June. The subsequent decision to leave had an immediate impact on the industry with sterling dropping in value and the likes of Thomas Cook, EasyJet, On the Beach and Tui Group all suffering slumps in their share prices after the result. Prior to the result some UK travellers had sought to pre-empt the impact by panic-buying foreign currency in anticipation of an exit decision and many exchange retailers saw a spike in sales because of this. While the dramatic fall in the value of sterling against foreign currencies is expected to slow demand for holidays abroad this summer, inbound tourism from other countries (which was already strong) is expected to rise with the weak pound offering visitors to the UK better value for money. Many travel comparison sites are already reporting huge surges in holiday searches for the UK from global traffic.

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