Content versus conversion: why we need to talk about voucher codes


It is an age old debate within the affiliate channel – What value do voucher code sites add and should they be allowed to overwrite other types of affiliate?

Before we address those points, it is important to understand the extent of cookie overwriting within the affiliate channel.

For a number of years we have published data that exposes the likelihood of an affiliate losing out to another affiliate because they aren’t the last referrer in a transaction. While this overwriting obviously occurs sometimes, people are often surprised that typically 80-90% of affiliate channel sales only have one affiliate interaction.

Affiliate Window’s Solution For Global Cross-Device Tracking


Recently, Affiliate Window has been discussing one of the online tracking world’s most debated topics this year – how do you balance reach and accuracy in cross-device tracking?

AdExchanger’s 2016 edition of A Marketer’s Guide To Cross Device Identity sums up the different sides of this argument. To paraphrase, any company that performs cross-device matching is essentially operating a compromise between making tracking accurate and making it accurate at scale.

Online Shopping Trends Following The EU Referendum

JULY 2016

More than two weeks have passed since Britain voted to leave the European Union. What a potential Brexit will mean for the UK economy remains very uncertain, and while there has been a lot of media speculation about the impact of the Leave vote on online trading, very little has so far emerged to help us understand the post-Brexit trading conditions.

Q2 Sees Tablet Traffic Shaping Influence, While Smartphones Continue to Convert

JULY 2016

Affiliate Window’s mobile data is drawn from over 3.5 million network transactions each month across 2,100 advertisers spanning the retail, travel and telecoms sectors. Clients we work with include John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, British Telecom and

Working with around half the top 100 retail brands in the UK as well as over 1,000 SMEs allows us to build a comprehensive picture of the mobile landscape.

*Originally featured on PerformanceIN

Cross device insights

June 2016

With the evolution in consumer behaviour, it has become increasingly important for advertisers to understand the way in which customer journeys occur across multiple devices. For advertisers to truly understand the role of each device within customer journeys, the first step is to have the ability to track across devices.

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