Understanding the role of influence in cross device transactions

With the rise in mobile commerce over the past few years, the way in which consumers have interacted with brands has evolved considerably. With connectivity possible through a number of devices consumers are always ‘online’. This has led to increasingly complex customer journeys, spanning not only multiple channels but also multiple devices. A key challenge for advertisers is to unravel the mystery where customer journeys have encompassed multiple devices.

Cross device tracking

Is it time for cookie periods to be extended?

With the rise of cross device tracking, it is perhaps timely to consider the true length of customer journeys and whether as a result, cookie lengths should be revisited.

Reduced cookie periods

Traditionally it has been an industry standard to set cookie lengths to 30 days – with this being the time frame an affiliate can be considered to have played a part in the customer journey and therefore be rewarded for a conversion.

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