Trails and tribulations: tracking the cross-device customer journey

JUNE 2016

It’s rare that an upgrade to technology used to track online sales could have such a fundamental impact on the way a company thinks about its entire business model. But with cross-device tracking (the ability to stitch consumer journeys together as they switch between handsets, tablets, laptops and other connected devices), it was as if an alternative vision of the affiliate channel had been offered.

*Originally featured in Marketing Week

Cross-Device Tracking: Accuracy Versus Reach

JUNE 2016

By Anthony Clements, Country Manager

It’s been more than a year since Affiliate Window launched the affiliate industry’s first cross-device tracking solution and became an active part of the cross-device phenomenon. I use that word specifically, because over the past year I have been stunned at how widespread the discussions have become right across the online industry about the virtues and pitfalls of cross-device tracking.

The importance of affiliate disclosure

JUNE 2016

As any industry grows and more money flows into it, so it will attract the attention of external organisations, keen to ensure it adheres to commonly accepted principles.

With affiliate marketing driving £17bn worth of revenue in 2015 it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that regulatory bodies are casting their eye over the marketing techniques it is reliant on.

Q1 2016 sees mobile traffic increase yet transactions drop off

Affiliate Window’s mobile data is drawn from over 3.5m network transactions each month across 2,100 advertisers spanning the retail, travel and telecoms sectors. Clients we work with include John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, British Telecom and

Working with around half the top 100 retail brands in the UK as well as over 1,000 SMEs allows us to build a comprehensive picture of the mobile landscape.

*Originally featured on PerformanceIN

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