Five things we learned from Christmas trading

January 2017

With Christmas now all but a memory, the New Year provides us with the opportunity to look back at Affiliate Window’s publisher and advertiser performance over the festive period. By analysing our data before and after the extended Black Friday weekend, we can see what trends and themes are driving performance within the affiliate channel.

If you’re specifically interested in finding out about Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the network you can also read our Ten Cyber Weekend Trends whitepaper.

Black Friday: A Week Long Event

November 2016

We can thank America for exporting some of life’s most meaningful things. The aeroplane, the light bulb, Ernest Hemingway, Disney, Coca-Cola, Facebook. Donald Trump. They all began life in the USA.

As did Black Friday. And like the above list of Uncle Sam exports, with the exception perhaps of The Donald, the UK has embraced the traditional Friday after thanksgiving shopping day into its own culture.

We’ve also helped to change the shape of this staple of the American holiday season. It was well publicised last year that Black Friday was more popular online than in-store. Mainstream commentators like the New York Times were reporting last year that Black Friday shopping habits had firmly shifted towards online. A trend that we fully expect to continue in 2016.

Has Singles Day Become a Fixture in the UK?

November 2016

Singles Day in China was bigger than the projected e-commerce sales for the entirety of Brazil in 2016. This is just one of the many eye watering stats to come from another record breaking day of activity in China.

Falling on 11th November, it is the single biggest shopping day in the world. 2015 saw a record breaking day with $14.3bn spent. This total was exceeded by 8pm this year according to Tech Crunch. The final figure reported for the day’s trading stood at a staggering $17.8bn.

How Much is Influence Really Worth?

November 2016

By Anthony Clements, Country Manager

How much is influence really worth? It’s the question everyone is asking right now.

This year I feel like the concept of rewarding publishers for the influence they drive, as well as the conversions they generate for advertisers, has finally taken hold in our industry.

Uncovering Additional Insights With Custom Parameters


For years the affiliate industry has been premised on relatively standardised insight, usually defined by the suite of reports hardcoded into an affiliate network’s interface. But with continued and increased investment in the channel, so advertisers are demanding both greater visibility and flexibility to unlock precious insights from the affiliate activity on their programmes.

So over the years the use of data has become more sophisticated and lateral with an evolution in the number of data points (or parameters) that are tracked and reported on, through dynamic and adaptable business intelligence tools, allowing advertisers to make more informed decisions around their programme.

AWIN Strategy Team
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